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Utilize this document to help you create your very own strategic training plan that links training programs to your business goals. A sample is included to show you how to develop your own. Print out this helpful checklist that you can use with your WEDnetPA partner to identify learning topics that will benefit your organization.


The Learning Organization Assessment Tool provides feedback to company management and training decision makers about the state of learning within an organization. There are two assessments: one for senior management to evaluate commitment and strategic use of learning; and a practices assessment that evaluates specific learning programs and tools used by a company. Directions for use are included with each assessment. The Workforce Training Planning and Assessment Tool, an easy-to-use resource, enables organizations to develop company-wide training plans, assess training needs and prioritize needs against business goals. The tool was developed by the Workplace Learning Resource Center for business and industry.


Surveying employees to discover what they desire in an employer can help you understand common reasons for employee turnover and low morale.

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Training and Assessment Tools

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"The WEDnetPA funds that we receive promote essential training to stay competitive in the cabinet industry and keep business in Pennsylvania. I feel morale has been impacted due to the training that has been done in the past year. Employees feel part of the business when training and education is being done in their respective facilities."

Paul Hitesman, Training Manager
Wood Mode, Inc.
Kreamer, Pa.