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Guaranteed Free Training

All it takes is a few simple steps to find out how to request more information for Guaranteed Free Training

Step One: Make sure your company qualifies for training.

Step Two: Make sure your company is eligible to receive the training this fiscal year.

WEDnetPA limits the amount of training available to each company ... companies are limited to receiving funding for two consecutive fiscal years in a row OR three out of the past five fiscal years. You can check the status of prior-year Guaranteed Free Training applications by entering your company Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) in our Company Grant History Report. This report will quickly indicate if your company is eligible this fiscal year.

The report also lists approved applications for both WEDnetPA's Guaranteed Free Training and Customized Job Training (CJT) contracts. Both of these workforce training programs count when evaluating fiscal-year eligibility. The Guaranteed Free Training fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

If you are unsure of your company FEIN number or need personal assistance to determine if your company qualifies for the GFT Program this fiscal year, contact any WEDnetPA partner directly for assistance.

Step Three: Submit Inquiry.

If your company meets the qualifications outlined in Step One and Step Two, you can submit a Guaranteed Free Training inquiry - only through a WEDnetPA partner. To start the process, complete and send our Training Inquiry Form or contact a WEDnetPA partner from our partners list for assistance.

Does your company qualify?

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"The WEDnetPA funds that we receive promote essential training to stay competitive in the cabinet industry and keep business in Pennsylvania. I feel morale has been impacted due to the training that has been done in the past year. Employees feel part of the business when training and education is being done in their respective facilities."

Paul Hitesman, Training Manager
Wood Mode, Inc.
Kreamer, Pa.