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Guaranteed Free Training can be taken by any online training provider of the company's choice. Online training saves employers time and money and gives you more training options. Employees can train at their convenience — at work, at home or on the road.

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"I want to thank you for the grants! I canít tell you how much it has helped our business. The Wheatstone training helped us get two great jobs including a six-station build out for Clear Channel in Rochester, New York, and the latest project, a studio build out for the University of North Carolina. This project should gain us national publicity. Also the Siemons training was a requirement to get our network certification to install a network system for the state of Pa. This is for their new OVR building in Altoona. We are starting that project within the next few weeks."

Matt Lightner, President
Lightner Electronics, Inc.
Claysburg, Pa.